TPI Golf Training

Chris Fultz, PT, DPT, TPI-2 has been certified through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) as a Level 2 Certified Professional in their Golf Fitness and Golf Medical programs. Through this training and applied practice, he is able to evaluate your body and movement patterns to determine physical limitations that negatively affect your golf swing. This screening process, developed by some of the brightest minds in golf instruction and human movement, allows us to correlate specific movement limitations to the most common swing faults in the game of golf.

Dr. Fultz uses the results of this TPI screen to tailor a corrective exercise program to meet the needs of your body. Do you want to hit it farther? Do you want to play with less pain and soreness? Do you hope you can play this game for years to come? Our programs can be built to address mobility, flexibility, balance, or strength…but most golfers need a combination of all of these to maximize their potential. Our Golf Fitness Programs are designed to be safe and effective in order to help you FEEL and PLAY better!

Additionally, this unique blend of physical therapy education paired with training through the Titleist Performance Institute’s Medical track allows us to be a premier rehab provider in Shreveport-Bossier for those of you recovering from surgery with the goal of returning to the golf course.

Dr. Fultz has experience working with golfers of all ages and ability levels, from amateurs to professionals!

Contact our physical therapists today at Blanchard & Shreveport, LA centers to determine if a Titleist Performance Institute screen and customized Golf Fitness program can help you feel and play better!